If it wasn't  for baseball,

                     I'd be a firefighter.


First responders hold a special place in Matz's heart. It has become his mission to say thank you to as many NYPD, FDNY, US Military and first responders as he can. At each TRU32 Mets games, 32 American heroes are invited to meet Steven and enjoy the game with a guest. In addition to raising awareness for the sacrifices these brave men and women make each day, the TRU32 program is also funding scholarships for the children of first responders who lost their lives in the line of duty

TRU32 is an extension of Pastime for Patriots, a nonprofit initiative started by stalwart MLB relief pitcher Brad Ziegler. PFP works to enrich the lives of those who serve our country and their families through tickets to major league baseball games, financial assistance, scholarships and more.  Other Major League players have contributed to expanding PFP's influence to cities across the nation and to date, over 70,000 tickets total have been gifted to MLB games in the past seven years. 

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